What happened to Foo Fighters original drummer?

The original drummer for the Foo Fighters was William Goldsmith. The reason for him leaving the Foo Fighters was Dave Grohl’s perfectionism.

William was Foo Fighters’ session and touring drummer. On his last session, he did 96 takes of only one song. After that, William kept touring with the band but decided to stop doing sessions.

The final drop was Dave Grohl decision to do an overdub of the whole album (The Colour and the Shape) with himself on drums.

Goldsmith was not informed about this and felt betrayed. Soon, he decided to leave the band. Taylor Hawkins replaced him.

Does Dave Grohl play the drums for Foo Fighters?

Dave played the drums in Nirvana, but after he formed the Foo Fighters and decided to become a singer, he soon realized that singing and drumming don’t go hand in hand.

He decided not to play the drums in Foo Fighters.

In one of his interviews, he explained the main problem was a mic stand. However he placed the stand, it was annoying and impossible to handle.

Asked by Jimmy Fallon if he did consider singing while drumming like Eagles singer Don Henley, Grohl replied: I gotta be honest, only Don Henley can do Don Henley.

Current drummer for the Foo Fighters

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His name is Taylor Hawkins. He has always been a music lover. As he grew up on the Beatles, Bee Gees and ​”the pop of today,” Taylor scored tickets to see Queen perform at age 10 when they played Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre back in 1982!

After seeing Queen, he couldn’t sleep for days, and Roger Taylor became his hero.

As a young man, Taylor Hawkins was making music for a living and playing with Sylvia, Jane’s Adiction tribute band.

Eventually, he got recruited by Sass Jordan, who then set out on tour as support to Aerosmith.

After Alanis Morissette went platinum in 13 countries following her third studio album, “Jagged Little Pill”, Hawkins joined the band.

It’s hard to believe that Foo Fighters found themselves in need of a replacement when they lost their drummer following the release of The Colour And The Shape. All these years later, Taylor is still with them.

Who plays the drums on Foo Fighters Everlong?

Athough Taylor Hawkins is playing the drums in the video, he did not play on the original album recording. Dave Grohl played the drum track since Taylor wasn’t in the band at the time.

Is Taylor Hawkins related to Dave Grohl?

No, they are not siblings or anything like that.

When Hawkins heard that William Goldsmith had left the Foo Fighters just before their 1997 album The Colour And The Shape, he called Dave to see if they needed any help with drumming. To his surprise, it was Nirvana’s own Grohl who replied: “Yes do you know anyone?”

Dave thought Taylor wouldn’t be interested in the gig since he played with Alanis Morissette at that time in sold-out arenas, and it would be sort of a downgrade for him to join the Foo Fighters.

In one of his interviews, Hawkins recalls that time Dave called him while he was watching “Showgirls” and asked him to join the band.

Who’s the best drummer in Foo Fighters history?

Foo Fighters have two excellent drummers in the band. Their official drummer Taylor Hawkins and a man who started the band and played the drums in Nirvana and many of the band’s recordings. They are both excellent, and on the same level if you want, in terms of drumming technique.

They both rank as great rock drummers, so it is a matter of personal preference.

Does Dave Grohl play drums for Foo Fighters?

Foo Fighters drummer for studio and live is Taylor Hawkins.

In the beginning, Grohl recorded drums, and it was like that for the first two albums until Taylor joined the band. Since then, Taylor has been recording all drum tracks while Grohl eventually plays as a “guest drummer” on a couple of songs.

Grohl is a great drummer, and at the beginning, he wasn’t satisfied with drum takes played by their first drummer, so he tended to overdub his takes. That was one of the reasons for Goldsmith to leave.

Either Grohl decided to back off, or Hawkins is a drummer by Dave’s taste because he doesn’t do that anymore.

Full albums with Dave on drums are:

  • Foo Fighters
  • The Colour and the Shape

What is Taylor Hawkins net worth?

Hawkins is an 11 time Grammy winner. And he’s worth is estimated to 20 million dollars.

Who is Taylor Hawkins wife?

Her name is Alison Hawkins, and she is a mother of three. Their eldest son, Oliver Shane, was born in 2006, and their daughter Annabelle came into this world during winter time 2009. Their third child, Everleigh, joined them just last year!

How old is Taylor Hawkins?

Haw Hawkins was born on September 18th in 1972, so he’s 49. (2021 year)

What is Taylor Hawkins height?

He’s 5ft 10inches tall.

What brand of drums Does Taylor Hawkins use?

Taylor plays Gretsch drums. The series he plays is called USA custom, which is the best drum series made by Gretsch. This is his setup:

  • 18×24″ Bass Drum
  •  6.5×14″ Bell Brass Snare Drum
  • 5×6″ & 6×8″ Concert Toms
  •  9×13″ Rack Tom
  • 16×16″ & 16×18″ Floor Tom

A 4-piece drum kit costs around $5000, but since USA Bell Brass Snare costs $1500 itself, with cymbals, this kit can easily be worth around $8 to $9k.

He has played Gretsch drums since 2005, which is not strange cause this is a drum brand many drummers decide to play.

Gretsch was established in 1883 by Friedrich Gretsch, who came to Brooklyn from Germany and, at the age of 27, opened a small music shop and started making drums, banjos and tambourines.

By 1916 the company was moved to a 10-story building.

Taylor Hawkins influences

He mentions a couple of drum legends like Neil Peart drummer that all rock drummers love since he had fantastic technique and was very musical.

Stewart Copeland, drummer for Police and one of most creative musicians globally, a drummer who plays several instruments and compose.

Phill Collins, the best drummer among singers and the best singer among drummers.

Jim Gordon, session legend and one of the most recorded drummers in the world.