By Nicolas Grizzle

Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan, Killer Be Killed), one of the most intense voices in metal, is releasing a solo album. Drum! has an exclusive premiere of a drum playthrough by Chris Hornbrook (Poison The Well) of the new single, “Do You Need Me To Remind You?”

Hornbrook’s slow, drawn out 7/4 groove never loses its heaviness, and he keeps the groove of the song going even during busier 4/4 tom parts. He keeps that composure during fast fills in the bridge toward the end of the song, which kicks up the octane just enough to illicit chills but not lose that heavy vibe.

In the playthrough, check out those spaced-out ghost notes. While ghost notes sometimes function as more of a groove juicer for drummers, these provide more of an audible contribution to the song. After watching a couple times through, it becomes clear just how well these and the rest of the drumming fits with the song.

There are 8 different camera angles in this video, including a first-person bodycam view. It’s tastefully mixed into the video enough to make you want to do your own playthrough.

Some gear notes: Hornbrook uses Q drums and Zildjian K cymbals in this video. That’s an AKG D112 on the second floor tom, a mic usually reserved for bass drums. It adds a beefiness to the pounding drums, especially in the beginning and toward the end of the song. Listen to this with good headphones for the full effect.

This single, the third from the forthcoming LP, was released July 12. The 15-song album, Child Soldier: Creator Of God, is slated for release in October. Teaming up with Lamb Of God producer Nick Rowe, Puciato plays all the instruments on the album save for drums. Other drummers on the album include Chris Pennie (Dillinger Escape Plan) and Ben Koller (Converge, Killer Be Killed).

Check out the official video for this song below. If you hear an Alice In Chains–vibe to the song, that’s no coincidence—Puciato is friends with singer Jerry Cantrell, and has sung on stage with him and the band.