Check out this Drum! magazine exclusive playthrough of “Purgatory,” a new track from SoCal metallers In Virtue. Drummer Mazen Ayoub shows off more than just quick feet in this song that catches the attention of headbangers and theory geeks alike.

“We recorded this playthrough during the tracking sessions for the studio version of the song, so we could get it while it was fresh,” says Trey Xavier, songwriter and front man of In Virtue. (You may also know him as the editor-in-chief of Gear Gods.) The performance in this video, he adds, was a live take that is different from what wound up on the studio version of the track.

“This song was a completely different experience for me,” says Ayoub, an LA-based drummer, producer and engineer who holds a multiple degrees in audio engineering.  “I usually show up to the studio with just a rough idea of the song layout, I jam my way through a couple times and improvise all the fills, depending on what I’m feeling at the moment. This time, I actually went in knowing exactly what I was going to play for every hit and fill.”

He cites his biggest influences as Aquiles Priester, Mike Portnoy, Tomas Haake, and Anup Sastry. “I was originally going for faster fills and heavier vibe,” says Ayoub. “But a week before we hit the studio I met up with Trey to talk about the recording, and I ended up keeping it within what he envisioned for this song while still adding my own touch.”

That meant the song wouldn’t be a five-minute drum solo, but Ayoub did get to add some pieces that might not have fit into the song. “The song is pretty straightforward, with tons of space for fills and probably even more drums, but it’s never just about drums when it comes to a finished product/song. I personally love cymbal stacks, and in this song, I got to hit it more than I usually have space for. That’s absolutely one of my favorite things about this song.”

Here is the official music video for “Purgatory”:






In Virtue

Drummer: Mazen Ayoub

Details: Music and Lyrics by Trey Xavier. Drums recorded at Prairie Sun Recording in Cotati, CA by Nate Nauseda. Mixed and mastered by Robin Leijon with song stems by Jens Bogren.

Free song download: https://goo.gl/u3YFyX

Band members:

Trey Xavier – Guitar/vocals

Jamie Hush – Bass

Mazen Ayoub – Drums

Rami Khalaf – Guitar

Alex Nasla – Keyboards

Contact: www.invirtue.net, www.facebook.com/invirtue/



Drums: PEARL MLX recording kit: 22″ bass drum; 10” mounted tom;  12” tom (DW, “because we broke the tom mount on the 12″ Pearl just before tracking”); 14” floor; 16” floor

Snare: Ludwig 14” Black Beauty

Cymbals: All Meinl from left to right:

Byzance 18” Dark China

Byzance 18” Medium Crash MB20

19” Heavy Crash

Byzance 14” Dark Hihats

Byzance 10” Dark Splash

Byzance 17” Jazz Medium Thin Crash

MB 22” Heavy Bell Ride

MB20 20” Rock China OVER MB20 18” Medium Crash Stack

Byzance 18” Extra Dry China

Heads: Remo

Pedal: Tama Speed Cobra double pedal

Sticks: Vic Firth Metal Nylon