SAN JOSE, Calif., — Neil Peart’s lucky number may just be three. He can definitely play in three; he has been part of a highly successful trio, Rush; and, he has now garnered his third consecutive victory as “Drummer Of The Year” in this year’s Drummies. Additionally, he won “Best Progressive Drummer.” Enter Music Publishing, the publisher of DRUM! magazine, conducts The Drummies every year with voting open to anyone from February to May. This year 5,310 votes were cast in 41 drum/percussion categories ranging from “Best Drummer” to “Best Drum Advertisement.”

While Peart has successfully demonstrated his popularity in the last three Drummies, his margin of victory was less than in the last two years, according to Phil Hood, publisher and co-founder of Enter Music Publishing. Runner-up Travis Barker gave Peart a serious run and had been the most frequent winner (three victories) prior to Peart’s popularity.

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Winners: Drummer Categories

Drummer Of The Year Neil Peart
Runners Up: Travis Barker, Gavin Harrison, Aaron Gillespie

Rising Star Thomas Pridgen
Runners Up Bob Bryar, Zac Farro, Ronald Bruner Jr.

Progressive Rock Drummer Neil Peart
Runners Up: Mike Portnoy, Gavin Harrison, Thomas Pridgen

Metal Drummer Lars Ulrich
Runners Up: Joey Jordison, Mike Portnoy, Chris Adler

Jam Band Drummer Carter Beauford
Runners Up: Mickey Hart, Jon Fishman, Butch Trucks

Funk Drummer Chad Smith

Runners Up: Zoro, John Blackwell, Dennis Chambers

Mainstream Pop Drummer Bob Bryar

Runners Up: Zac Farro, Teddy Campbell, Daniel Adair

Alternative Rock Drummer Chad Smith

Runners Up: Taylor Hawkins, Josh Freese, Shannon Leto

Punk Drummer Travis Barker

Runners Up: Tré Cool, Josh Freese, Brooks Wackerman

R&B;/Blues Drummer John Blackwell

Runners Up: Daniel Glass, Aaron Spears, Steve Jordan

Jazz/Fusion Drummer Steve Smith

Runners Up: Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Brian Blade

Country Drummer Jim Riley

Runners Up: Billy Mason, Paul Leim, Shannon Forrest

Drum Clinician Todd Sucherman

Runners Up: Zoro, Johnny Rabb, Jojo Mayer

Studio Drummer Josh Freese

Runners Up: Keith Carlock, Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta

Live Performer Mike Portnoy

Runners Up: Travis Barker, Aaron Gillespie, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan

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Percussionist Of The Year Sheila E.

Runners Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Eric Velez, Cyro Baptista

Rising Star Jocelyn Alvarez

Runners Up: Danny Couto, Carmelo Torres, Marcie Chapa

Latin Percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo

Runners Up: Eric Velez, Richie Flores, Fausto Cuevas

Jazz/Fusion Percussionist Airto Moreira

Runners Up: Alex Acuña, Munyungo Jackson, Daniel Sadownick

Rock/Pop Percussionist Taku Hirano

Runners Up: John Mahon, Terry Santiel, Mark Quiñones

World Percussionist Kalani

Runners Up: Carlinhos Brown, Mamady Keita, Mickey Hart

Percussion Ensemble Blue Man Group

Runners Up: D’Drum, Slamm!, Nexus

Studio Percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo

Runners Up: Jocelyn Alvarez, Luis Conte, Lenny Castro

Live Performer Eric Velez

Runners Up: John Mahon, Giovanni Hidalgo, Sheila E.

Mallet Percussionist Evelyn Glennie

Runners Up: Julie Spencer, Victor Mendoza, Gary Burton

Industry Awards

Drum Set W Collector Series X Shells

Runners Up: Pearl Limited Edition Reference Series, Yamaha PHX drum set, Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive

SSnare Drum Ludwig Black Magic

Runners Up: Tama Limited Edition Artwood Custom, Pearl Morgan Rose Signature, Gretsch Full Range Rosewood

Custom Drum Maker SJC

Runners-Up: Pork Pie, C&C;, Precision Drum

Cymbals Sabian APX

Runners-Up: Zildjian A Custom Rezo Crashes, Meinl Byzance Series Traditional Finish 24” Medium Ride, Zildjian K Crash Ride Brilliant and Sabian Vault Crossover Ride (tie)

Hardware Tama Iron Cobra Pedals with Cobra Coil/Bonus Pack

Runners-Up: DW 7000 Series Hardware, Pearl BC 100S Convertible Flat Base Stands, Yamaha Hexrack

Percussion Product LP Drum Set Timbales

Runners Up: Toca Eric Velez Signature Congas, Bucket Drums, Meinl Foot Cabasa

Drum Stick Pro-Mark Jason Bonham Signature

Runners Up: Vic Firth Vinnie Paul Signature and Vic Firth Andrew Hurley Signature (tie), Regal Tip Keith Carlock Performer, Vater Derek Roddy Model

Drum Head Remo Vintage A

Runners Up: Remo Black Suede and Evans G-Plus (tie), Remo Black X, Aquarian Hi-Velocity

Electronic Percussion Roland TD-9 SX

Runners Up: Roland TDW-20 Expansion Board, Yamaha DTXTREMEIII, Alesis Surge Cymbals

Drumming Accessory Aquarian Tru-Bounce Practice Pad

Runners Up: Blow-it Personal Cooling System, HQ Sound-Off Mutes, Kelly Shu Microphone System


Drumming Book Commandments Of Early Rhythm & Blues Drumming by Zoro and Daniel Glass

Runners Up: Blink-182 Play-AlongOn The Beaten Path: Progressive Rock by Rich Lackowski, Essential Drum Fills by Peter Erskine

Drumming DVD Drum Legacy by Steve Smith

Runners Up: The Master Series by Steve Gadd, Eastern Rim by Chad Smith, Methods And Mechanics by Todd Sucherman

Drumming Web Site Drummerworld

Runners Up: Drumchannel, Sabian, Vic Firth