Who was the original drummer for Blink 182?

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It’s Scott William Raynor Jr. born in Poway, California, in 1978. He started playing in Blink 182 when he was only 14 and stayed there until he was 19. By that time, the band increased fan base thanks to their record Dude Ranch.

His alcohol use caused tension in the trio, leading to a fight that wound up forcing him out. His replacement would be none other than Travis Barker.

Raynor stated that being 30 and playing in a punk rock band is scary for him, so that might be one reason why he couldn’t see him in Blink 182.

After single Damit was released, the group made a breakthrough.

Bad relations between band members reached a boiling point in Nebraska when they participated in a fight.

Raynor was addicted to alcohol, and it began affecting the band’s performances. Soon the band makes him an ultimatum to either stop drinking or go to rehab. He decided to do both, but they fired him anyway.

As Raynor stated, he was fired over the phone, but he said that firing him was the right thing to do at that moment, and there was no bad blood between him and the rest of the band.

What happened to the original Blink 182 drummers?

Since leaving the band, Scott William Raynor Jr. played with various groups.

He played in The Axidentals, a California-based indie pop band that released two albums and an EP before signing with Vagrant Records.

Raynor played guitar for the group, which recorded its first album in 2008. Still, it was left unreleased when Raynor’s former label showed interest against them after hearing demos of their newest album.

Unfortunately, he left the band before they signed the contract.

He contributed to the charity called StandUp for Kids, an organization that helped homeless people.

He also helped troubled teens to learn the music under the program Street of Dreams.

Since then, he played with bands Grimby, Spazms, and Wraith, with whom he made his last appearance in the video for the song “Wing of Night.”

Who is the drummer for Blink 182?

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Travis Barker is the drummer for Blink 182. After Raynor left Blink 182, Travis replaced him as their drummer. He joined the band in 1998, and he’s been with them ever since.

Travis Barker’s career has spanned decades, and he finds himself in the company of some huge names. His bands include Suicide Machines to Goldfinger – just some examples of how wide-ranging his talent can be!

He’s collaborated with Krewella, Steve Aoki, and pop hits like Skylar Grey, P!nk, or Avril Lavigne.

He followed his mother’s advice to become a drummer. So, he works his way up with the band the Aquabats. They played on tour with Blink 182, so they had a chance to hear him.

When they disbanded with Raynor, Travis was their first choice. He played on their albums “Enema of the state” and “Take off your pants” sold over 35 million copies worldwide.

He contributed to the band members’ side projects like Tom DeLonge’s “Box Car Races” and has stepped away from the punk with artists like Black Eyed Peas, T.I., Johnny Cash, Outkast, the Game, Paul Wall.

What plane crash was Travis Barker in?

In 2008 Barker’s plane crashed, and he was critically injured, with third-degree burns on 65% of his body.

He and Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, were the only two people who survived the crash. Unfortunately, 4 people were found dead on the spot.

The aircraft overran the runway, crashed through airport boundaries and fencing before crashing onto an embankment. It took firefighters more than one hour to get it under control!

After the plane crash, Goldstein was asleep and woke up to Barker screaming. Travis opened the door to the plane and was able to get out together with Goldstein.

They were covered in jet fuel, and Goldstein was even on fire but was able put out the flames.

Is Blink 182 still touring?

Blink 182 is currently touring across Canada and Australia. You can find dates here.

What is Travis Barker’s net worth?

According to financial magazines, Barker’s net worth is around 50 million dollars. Biggest part of his fortune he made as a drummer for Blink 182.