Progressive metal band Disperse recently released a new, highly ambitious album titled Foreword on Season of Mist Records. The band’s lineup comprises Rafał Biernacki (vocals, keyboards), Jakub Żytecki (guitars), Bartosz Wilk (bass), and Mike Malyan on drums. This new DRUM! Playthrough video features Malyan, formerly of the band Monuments, playing the song “Surrender,” from that album.

“‘Surrender’ is one of my favorite songs to play from Foreword,” Malyan says. “The challenge of the intricate dynamics in the simpler sections almost triumphs the later sections with the complex time signatures. Thankfully there’s a mini drum solo section at the end to make up for all of the difficulties!”

Malyan’s drums are made by Vibe Drum, whom he calls “a wonderful Italian company that makes these bespoke Aluminum kits.” Malyan’s kit comprises a 24″ x 14″ bass drum, 13″ x 8″ snare drum with a 2-inch plexiglass reinforcement ring, 13″ x 9″ mounted tom, and 16″ x 14″ floor tom.

Malyan’s Meinl cymbals in this video are 14″ Byzance Brilliant Hi-Hats, a 19″ Byzance Brilliant Medium Thin Crash, 10″ Classics Splash, 22″ Byzance Vintage Sand Ride, 20″ Mb20 Heavy Crash, and 20″ Soundcaster Fusion China.


Drumheads are Remo Ambassador Coated on snare, Remo Pinstripe Ebony on bass drum batter head, Evans G2 on mounted tom, and Remo Pinstripe Clear on floor tom. Malyan uses Promark 5B drumsticks.

This playthrough was a do-it-yourself production: Malyan recorded his drums into Steinberg Cubase Version 6.5 using the band’s Behringer X Air X18 18-channel, 12-bus digital mixer for iPad/Android Tablets, with 16 programmable MIDAS preamps, integrated Wi-Fi module, and multichannel USB audio interface. He also used the X18 for in-ear monitoring.

Malyan miked his bass drum with a Shure Beta 91 on the inside and Audix D6 on the outside, along with a homemade device that functions like a Yamaha Subkick, which is a speaker functioning as a reverse-wired microphone. Hi-hats got a Shure SM57, while the snare took a Beyerdynamic M 201 on its top and bottom heads. The mounted tom was miked with a Sennheiser MD421, and the floor tom with a Shure SM58. The ride cymbal also had a Beyerdynamic M 201, and a pair of RØDE NT5 small-diaphragm cardioid condenser mikes served as overheads.


Malyan mixed his Disperse Playthrough using Slate Digital’s Everything Bundle, which includes every plug-in made by Slate, such as the company’s Virtual Mix Rack, Virtual Buss Compressors, and The Monster Extreme Dynamic Processor. Finally, Malyan edited this video using Adobe Premiere.

For more on Disperse, go to disperseband.bandcamp.com.

Disperse’s Foreword album is available for purchase in the US and worldwide.