In this roundup of drumming news: Attack sees a new ownership group take over the drumhead company; and Sabian releases a funky new commemorative ride cymbal; INDe unveils a versatile new suspension mounting bracket; and Steinberg releases Groove Agent 5 drum software update.

New Ownership For Attack Drumheads

Attack Drumheads is under new ownership. A team of industry veterans has launched Cardinal Percussion, which will wholesale and distribute many of the drumming industries most popular brands in addition to relaunching the Attack drumhead line. The group is comprised of Jim Bickley (former vice-president of Universal Percussion), Robbie McFarland (general manager of Hubbard Music retail stores) and Mark Tirabassi (president of Mavi Inc.).

“Attack Drumheads have been an integral part of my sound for over 20 years,” said Eric Singer of Kiss in a press release. “After speaking with Mark of Cardinal Percussion about the new product designs, concepts and direction of the brand I can safely say the future of this drumhead brand is on the ‘Attack!’”

Sabian Releases David Garabaldi ‘Soul Side’ Ride

Sabian 21” HH Soul Side ride

To celebrate Tower of Power’s 50th anniversary, and the release of their 16th studio album, “The Soul Side of Town Vol. 1,” SABIAN is releasing a limited edition 21” HH ride named “The Soul Side.” Developed with David Garibaldi for that special Tower of Power sound, only 250 of the Soul Side ride will be available.

The double-hammered HH ride with a buffed raw top and fully lathed bottom is a tip of the hat to the original David Garibaldi 22” Jam Master ride, originally released by SABIAN in 1998.

INDe Unveils No-drill, Free Resonating Mounting Brackets

Independent Drum Labs (INDe) has released a versatile new mounting suspension bracket. The INDe BR3 allows drill-free accessory suspension mounting on nearly any drum, replacing any lug on nearly any drum using the existing mounting holes. It allows drummers to mount toms, convert mounted toms to floor toms, or add accessories to any drum, all without drilling additional holes. The unique spring-steel construction helps isolate the base from the clamp, allowing accessories to resonate freely without restricting the sound of the drum.


  • Adjusts to fit lug hole spacings 1″–2″
  • Clamp adjusts to fit mounting 9.5mm, 10.5mm, and 12.7mm mounting posts
  • Brass tension rod receiver for smooth tuning
  • Low profile (<2″ tall) and low mass (265g)
  • Includes memory lock
  • Patent pending
  • Pricing starts at $49.99


Steinberg Releases Major Update To Groove Agent Drum Software

Steinberg’s major update for its Groove Agent drum studio software offers a wide range of percussive sounds and grooves, with HiDPI support and a new and unique sound design tool for even more drum sample control. The new Groove Agent 5 is a drum workstation that comprises different drum modules, each specialized in acoustic and electronic drum styles.

The update includes new samples of acoustic drums recorded at the Teldex Studios in Berlin, new kits for EDM, trap and future bass, as well as patterns, bass lines, and melodic parts created by electronic artists including Rawtekk/Noise Design, Joe Ford, Billain, Audeka, Current Value and zKlang. The graphical user interface of Groove Agent is now scalable to fit the real estate of any display, while supporting high-resolution HiDPI for more detail than ever before. The Decompose feature was introduced to decompose samples into their tonal and noise parts which can then be easily layered onto the pads. Samples can also now be recorded live directly in Groove Agent. MSRP: $179.99