Drum Gear News: DW’s E-Drums, Roland TR909 On The Cloud, Promark’s Clear ActiveGrip, Sensory Percussion Update

DW Announces Electronic Drum Line

Drum Workshop has created a new electronic drum brand, DWe, which made its debut at the 2018 Frankfurt Musikmesse this month. Working in conjunction with longtime partner GEWA, the new DWe trigger shells, hardware and rack systems represent DW’s first foray into electronic drums. This marks the first-ever product collaboration between the California-based manufacturer and the German musical instrument manufacturer and distributor.

DWe logoDWe all-wood trigger shells feature Design Series mini turret lugs and are available in Carbon Fiber Finishply and Exotic Walnut finishes. They also feature True-Rebound mesh heads by Remo and modular Trigger Zone playing surfaces. The complete line of newly designed DWe stands, pedals and rack systems includes a host of DW drummer-friendly features tailored for the electronic player.

“DW’s mission has always been to solve problems for drummers, so they can focus on their craft and be free to concentrate on what really matters – the music,” said DW Founder and Chief Product Officer, Don Lombardi, in a statement. “DW Electronics is an extension of our philosophy. Electronic drums should be reliable, effortless and deliver a seamless playing experience. We’re incredibly proud to make our entré into the world of electronic drums with the debut of the DWe product line which has been years in the making.”

Roland TR-909 Drum Machine Now Available On Cloud Service

Less than a month after releasing the TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer, Roland Virtual Sonics has released the TR-909 Software Rhythm Composer to the its Roland Cloud service.

The 909 may not garner as many references in pop songs, but considering its longlasting impact on pop music, perhaps it should. In 1983, Roland followed the influential TR-808 Rhythm Composer with the TR-909 Rhythm Composer. The hybrid approach used analog circuitry for the kick, snare, hi-hat, clap, and toms, and used digital sampling for the cymbals. Although Roland only made about 10,000 units, its influence remains prominent in music today.

roland tr909 drum machine cloud software

TR-909 Software Rhythm Composer, now added to the Roland Cloud service

Now, using its new Analog Circuit Behavior modeling technology, Roland has faithfully recreated a software adaptation of the original hardware circuitry that gave the TR-909 its distinctive sound, including its analog-digital hybrid nature. In addition to detailed behavior models of the analog circuits, Roland has integrated the TR-909’s original sample ROM. The new TR-909 even comes modeled with the digital technology present in the vintage hardware, capturing the essence of the 909’s cymbals and recreating the sound that made them a perennial favorite of dance music producers.

As with its predecessor the TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer, Roland has capitalized on the power and flexibility provided by modern DAW software and combined these with the robust feature set found in the original hardware. Music creators can even drag patterns from the TR-909 directly into their DAW as MIDI or audio clips.

The software integrates with the Roland TR-8S, which can send patterns from the hardware directly to the TR-909 plugin, including pattern variations and names. Patterns created on the TR-909 plugin can also be sent back to the TR-8S hardware for performance or further production.


Promark Unveils Clear ActiveGrip Coating, Adds 2B to ActiveGrip Lineup


Promark 2B ActiveGrip drumsticks

Promark Classic 2B ActiveGrip

Promark is expanding its ActiveGrip line to include a  Classic  2B  model  as  well  as  a  clear  finish  option for the existing  product  lineup.

The coating made its debut during the summer of 2015 on the ActiveWave 570 model in a collaboration with Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche. The heat-activated coating makes the ActiveGrip stick tackier as your body temperature rises and your hands begin to sweat. The thin layer is like a traditional lacquer, adding no additional diameter or weight to the stick, and it doesn’t transfer onto hands, cymbals or drum rims.

ActiveGrip Clear models feature the same grip solution, but with a different pigment to create a finish that better resembles a standard drumstick. ActiveGrip Clear is now available in sizes 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B, Rebound 7A, Rebound 5A, Rebound 5B, Forward 7A, Forward 5A, and Forward 5B.


Sunhouse Releases Sensory Percussion Software Update

sensory percussion logoSunhouse has released a major update of Sensory Percussion 1.4 that brings a completely rebuilt sampler to enable faster kit switching for its drum trigger hardware and software. Sensory Percussion enables massively detailed mappings, and this update decreases load time from up to 20 seconds to just one or two seconds. Sunhouse also announced the release of a new free sound pack called Primordial Breakbeat that features over 3,600 detailed new live samples inspired by the sounds of funk, hip-hop and jazz drummers like Clyde Stubblefield, Questlove, and Ben Riley.