dean butterworth on drums

Dean Butterworth, the drummer for Good Charlotte, has chops that go on for miles. But he’s also occasionally a quintuple threat man, who can sing, play guitar, write (“She’s Only Happy In The Sun” with Ben Harper), play piano, and more. Before he joined GC he had a long stint with Ben Harper’s Innocent Criminals, backed Morrisey and laid down tracks with everyone from Donovan Frankenreiter and The Used to Cute Is What We Aim For and Hillary Duff.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Previous Bands: Ben Harper, Morrissey, and I’ve played on a lot of other artists records.

Cymbals: Paiste 14″ Signature Reflector Heavy Full Hi-Hat, 17″ Signature Reflector Full Crash, 18″ Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash, 19″ Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash, 22″ Signature Dark Metal Ride, 20″ Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash. To see Dean’s setup. 

Drums and Hardware: Tama Starclassic B/B in red sparkle fade with black nickel hardware. Iron Cobra pedals.

Sticks: Promark TXR5BW

Drumheads: Evans


You’re known for keeping busy. What are you doing lately?

I just played drums on the new Melee record which will be out soon on Warner Brothers and two tracks on the new Sugar Ray record. I just did a Patty Smythe track this week; I did a single for the Veronicas and lots more.I am also doing TV session work every week while I’m home. I play drums on the CBS Sitcom Old Christine, the ABC Family sitcom Rita Rock and I’ll be starting work this week on Kelsey Grammar’s new ABC sitcom Hank, and the Nickelodeon show The Jump Arounds. I’m always trying to stay busy.

What’s the most positive thing happening with the band right now?

Good Charlotte is recording our 5th record with producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance)

What’s the name of the new album?


How would you describe the feel of the new album?

Power / Pop / Rock

How long has it taken to track your drum parts?

Twenty drum tracks in 11 hours spread over a couple days

Are you still working on it?

The other guys will be tracking guitars, bass & vocals for the next month.

Did you record to a click track?


What do you like most about touring?

The best part is playing shows every night and checking out how different countries around the world react to you live. I love it

Do you play your drum parts onstage exactly the same way that you recorded them?

I might change up a few fills, but the grooves stay the same

How often do you change heads?

Every 4 or 5 shows or if they sound dead sooner

Do you use the same setup on stage and in the studio?

I play a 4- or 5-piece kit in the studio, I will also have a bunch cymbals and snare drums to use from song to song depending on the vibe of the track.Live its usually the same a 4- or 5-piece kit.

Do you get the opportunity to use your other skills much like piano and guitar?

The last track on Ben Harper’s record Diamonds on the Inside, “She’s Only happy in the Sun” I wrote on guitar and Ben helped out with some lyrics. Also I co-wrote the song “War” on the 2008 Goldfinger record, Hello Destinywith singer John Feldmann. I have written songs for TV and film. I love to sing and play guitar, piano and write, and it’s my goal to do more writing and get songs placed with more artists, but i get hired mostly as a drummer.

dean butterworth with drumset

Maybe the foot speed is in the shoes?