D’Addario’s Evans Drumheads To Launch Pipe Band Snare Batter, System Blue Snare Drum Heads

On July 3, 2017, Evans will launch the 14″ Pipe Band Snare Batter Oversized (PB-SB1A; $132 MSRP / $59.99 MAP) and 14″ Pipe Band Snare Batter Standard (PB-SB1B; $132 MSRP / $59.99 MAP). This newly designed drumhead will be available for 14″ Pipe Band Snares in both standard (for Andante and Pearl drums) and oversized (Premier) drum variations at the Pipe Band World Championships in July.

Evans designed the Evans Pipe Band Snare Batter in collaboration with Stephen Creighton and his championship winning drum corps, the St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band. The Pipe Band Snare Batter incorporates new materials to create a head that meets the needs of the modern snare drummer while also catering to traditional snare drummers.

Pipe band snare drummers require an extremely bright and articulate sound, and often have to push the limits in terms of pitch and tension on their snare to achieve them successfully. The Evans Pipe Band Snare Batter is a new option that gives drummers the confidence to not only push their heads to the limits but to achieve the tone and pitch required for a championship winning corps.

Additionally, the new Evans Pipe Band Snare batter promises drummers a drumhead that offers a bright and articulate sound for solo performances, while also being heavy enough to project in outdoor settings.


Also on July 3, D’Addario’s Evans Drumheads will add Evans System Blue snare head to the company’s line of marching percussion products: 13″ System Blue Marching Snare Batter (SB13MSB; $112.25 MSRP) and 14″ System Blue Marching Snare Batter (SB14MSB, pictured above; $121.25 MSRP).

Designed in collaboration with Scott Johnson of the world-renowned Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps, the Evans System Blue snare head features a softer feel, yet maintains the tonal clarity and projection necessary for a championship winning drum corps. For the new System Blue snare head, D’Addario teamed up with Scott Johnson to experiment with new materials in search of the perfect balance, to give snare lines access to the best qualities of both worlds.

These heads are available worldwide starting July 3, but they can be purchased now via Steve Weiss Music and System Blue.

For further information, go to www.daddario.com.