Cympad Announces Endorsements From Broadway Drummers

Cympad announces that the drummers with many of the biggest shows on Broadway are now using and endorsing the company’s cellular foam cymbal washers. With 40 theaters attended by 13 million people and reportedly generating more than $1.25 billion in ticket sales during the 2015-16 season, the Broadway district of New York City continues to represent one of the most musically influential areas in the world.

The list of Cympad artists on Broadway includes Andrés Forero (Hamilton; pictured), Joe Bergamini (various), Sean McDaniel (Book Of Mormon), Sammy Merendino (Kinky Boots), Warren Odze (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory), Jared Schonig (The Color Purple), Gary Seligson (School of Rock) and Matt VanderEnde (Wicked). These players use a variety of Cympad Optimizer, Chromatic and Moderator washers to cover the diverse musical needs of productions that range from symphonic to classic rock, R&B, and other contemporary styles.

“I’m using a combination of Crimson Chromatics and Black Optimizers,” says Forero. “In the pit, I play a variety of vintage and custom cymbals and Cympads make those great cymbals sound even better.”

Cympad Optimizer, Chromatics and Moderator series cymbal washers are available at leading drum shops.

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