Raul Rekow

Raul Rekow 1954-2015

BY PHIL HOOD Raul Rekow, the conguero for Carlos Santana's band for more than three decades, died today of complications from cancer. Raul was 61. Raul worked ... Read More
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Sam Ulano Passes Away At 93

Legendary drummer and educator Sam Ulano passed away on New Year's Day at the age of 93. Ulano, or "Mr. Rhythm," began playing drums at age 13. He opened hi... Read More
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Drummies Awards 2013

DRUMMER OF THE YEAR Mike ManginiTaylor HawkinsJosh FreeseChris Dave RISING STAR DRUMMER Eric HernandezGlen SobelDave ElitchDaru Jones PROGRESSIVE R... Read More
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DRUM! Writer’s Guide

The best preparation any writer can do before submitting a query or a manuscript to DRUM! Magazine is to sit down with several issues of the magazine and analy... Read More