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vintage ludwig drums badge

How to Spot Counterfeit Vintage Drums

BY ROB COOK “How can you prove to me that it’s real?” “Real?” "Not just made up from some other kind of drum." I don't remember exactly how I responded. This happened about seven years ago, and I can hardly remember conversations from seven... Read More
music theory for drummers

Music Theory for Drummers

BY TERRY BOZZIO & ANDY DOERSCHUK No drummer has labored to redefine the drum set as vigorously as Terry Bozzio has. When he began to explore the harmonic an... Read More
hybrid drum setup

How to Build A Full-Fledged Hybrid Drumming Setup

BY STEWART JEAN Ok, so you went ahead and jumped in the deep end with hybrid drumming and bought a big sampling pad with all the bells and whistles. Now what? It doesn’t take too much studying to learn how to build a kit (or, a set of samples tha... Read More