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drum noise

3 Tricks to Troubleshoot Drum Set Noise

By Andy Doerschuk Drums alone are noisy enough. The very nature of their potentially extreme volume and sound can disguise an errant rattle during most gigs and practice sessions. But as soon as you put your kit through the unforgiving reality ch... Read More
drum tuning

Six Keys To Drum Tuning

By Mike Fasano, as told to Andy Doerschuk Mike Fasano is one of the few industry pros that can work both sides of the drumming business with equal aplomb. A... Read More
8 different sounds from 1 snare drum

How To Get Eight Sounds From One Snare Drum

By Wally Schnalle Suppose you had only one snare drum, tuned only one way, and one pair of sticks. How many sounds could you get out of it? Probably a lot more than you think. The following suggestions are only a handful of the hundreds of nuance... Read More
Rush drummer neil peart

10 Ways To Play Drums Like Rush’s Neil Peart

By David A. Brensilver | Photo by Chris Schwegler/Atlas Icons | From the June 2016 issue of Drum! magazine No serious fan was surprised when in early 2015 Rush announced that the R40 tour would “most likely be their last major tour of this magnit... Read More