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How to Play German Grip?

German grip in drumming was one of the first grips ever invented alongside traditional grip. It is used more in the past than nowadays because many drummers... Read More
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How to Play Matched Grip?

What is a matched grip (overhand grip)? Matched grip is a way of holding both drum sticks the same way. In this grip, palms face down, and the stick ... Read More
create drum tracks

How to Create Drum Tracks – Ultimate Guide

By Strother Bullins Most drummers would agree that collaborating with a seasoned, knowledgeable engineer and/or producer is an ideal recording situation. However, such a scenario is not feasible for everyone. To get the best out of a do-it-yourse... Read More

The Art of Cymbal Striking

BY WALLY SCHNALLE | PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVE CONSTANTIN No matter how big or small, your drum set is a collection of bangables containing innumerable sonic possi... Read More