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How to make drums quieter

How to Make Drums Quieter

As a drummer, you probably have drum practice sessions where you start making so much noise your neighbours threaten to call the police.  So, how to make th... Read More
how to make drums

How to Make Drums?

Drums are the world's oldest and most widely used musical instruments, with a fundamental design that hasn't altered much in thousands of years. Kick drum, ... Read More
How to clean cymbals?

How to Clean Cymbals?

Did the sound of your cymbals suddenly get darker? Did they start to have a greenish color? If the answer is yes, it's time for you to learn how to clean cymbals. There are different ways to upkeep your cymbals, from using household items like... Read More
Glyn Johns technique

What is Glyn Johns technique?

Who is Glyn Johns, the producer? photo by Johns is what some call a rock/pop producer who has worked with artists including Led Zeppe... Read More
recording drums

Recording drums – The Ultimate Guide

How do you record drums? What's the best way to record drums? How do I get a good drum sound?  Well, now that we're all asking these questions, we need answers. So let's dive in and learn how! First, we'll explore what gear is necessary for ... Read More
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How to Play a Traditional Grip

One of the most important things to know as a drummer is how to play a traditional grip. Not only is it one of the three main types of grips, it's also a very ... Read More
drum rudiments

How to Create Your Drum Rudiments

As a drummer, you should have a solid understanding of how to create your drum rudiments. As you might know, the word "rudiment" comes from the Latin word "rudere," which means breaking or destroying. These exercises are designed to improve your ... Read More
french grip drums

What is the French Grip?

French grip is a playing position in which your left palm faces your right palm while thumbs are positioned on the stick. This grip allows drummers to perfo... Read More