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5 Ways to Record Ideal Drum Tracks

By Strother BullinsMost drummers would agree that collaborating with a seasoned, knowledgeable engineer and/or producer is an ideal recording situation. However, such a scenario is not feasible for everyone. To get the best out of a do-it-yourse... Read More

The Art of Cymbal Striking

BY WALLY SCHNALLE | PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVE CONSTANTINNo matter how big or small, your drum set is a collection of bangables containing innumerable sonic possi... Read More

Brain Says: You Should Learn These 6 Drum Fills

By BrainWe first met Brain when he was simply famous. Now he’s an enigma, capable of jamming sample-friendly break beats one second on his Gonerville LPs, then copping serious ’tude with Guns ’N Roses the next, or getting twisted with Tom Waits ... Read More