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A Roland SPD-S Sampling Primer

BY MIKE SNYDER You can scarcely open the pages of DRUM! without seeing a Roland SPD-S next to a drum set. It’s become something of a “must have” for drummers, ... Read More

The Unwritten Rules Of Drum Circle Etiquette

BY ARTHUR HULL 14 Steps To Better Community Drumming Drum circle events of any kind are about the dynamic interaction of musical and personal relationships. When involved in any group rhythmic alchemy event, these relationships are based on a simple ... Read More
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Choosing Drum Mikes For Live Performance

BY MIKE SNYDER Good drum sounds don’t simply impact your tone – they inspire your performance. The better your drums sound, the better you play. But even the most meticulously tuned drum set can sound horrible under the wrong microphones. I’ve suffer... Read More
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How To Create A Hybrid Electronic-Acoustic Drum Set

BY MIKE SNYDER As an instrument, the “drum set” is constantly changing. Just look back to what was the norm in the 1920s. A contemporary kit barely resembles the set of that bygone era. The hybrid electronic/acoustic drum set is the next big evoluti... Read More