Big Bang Giveaway Ends With 25 Winners Selected

Big Bang and DRUM! Magazine announced the winners of the awesome Big Bang Giveaway, which ran in fall issues of the magazine. One lucky winner, John Meitz, is the recipient of a grand prize that includes a Hendrix Drum Set, John Blackwell Signature Snare, Kazaa Cymbals, Ahead cases and hardware, and other prizes. Participants entered the contest in print and online.

Promotion Featured a Hendrix Custom Kit And John Blackwell Signature Snare

Big Bang Distribution is known for manufacturing many products and distributing more than 1500 instruments and accessories including well-known drumming brands such as Ahead, Switchkick, DG Cajons, Kasza Cymbals, Moongel, Bass Plate, and many more. With this promotion they were able to feature the breadth and depth of their product offerings.


Grand Prize

The grand prize winner walks off with Hendrix Archetype stave-shell kit with a John Blackwell signature snare, Kasza cymbals, cymbal stands, cases, throne, pedal, sticks and accessories. The Hendrix Archetype stave shell drums are among the most resonant, versatile, and responsive drums anywhere. This kit is a beautiful design in American black walnut with satin finish. Walnut is 30 percent softer than maple which gives it a warm tone, a naturally low fundamental note, and lots of body. Features include Hendrix ultra-think solid stave shells, lacquer finish, and progressive bearing edges. Sizes: 22″ x 18″ bass drum, 10″ x 9″ and 12″ x 9″ mounted toms, 14 x 14″ floor tom.

The John Blackwell Signature Snare is one of only 30 collectible John Blackwell Signature Hendrix snares. It is constructed of a .25″ thick 14″ x 6″ African paduak Archetype shell with.5″ reinforcement rings. Special features include brass lugs, S-hoops, a Dunnett R7 throw-off, Fat Cat wires, Evans head, and sleeved washers.

The kit is complimented by Kasza R Series cymbals including the 20″ Dirty Bell Ride, 18″ Dirty Bell Crash and the 14″ Kasza Cymbals Light Top/Heavy Flat Bottom Skinny Fat Rock Hi-hats. It also featured Ahead double-braced stands, six ahead cases, an Ahead Spinal-G throne, and Ahead 5A and bamboo bundle sticks, plus a Drum Dial precise tuning device.

Additional winners received prizes including the Finhol Airkick sound module, which eliminates the need for bass drum microphones. It measures air pressure from your bass drum and enables you to dial in sensitivity for the sound you want. You may choose among fully edited bass sounds in the module. Second, third, and fourth prizes included a DeGregorio Cajon; Hot Rod Bass Drum kit; featured products from Bass Plate, Kickpro, K-Brakes, and Drum-Os; and a snare package with an Ahead and Big Fat Snare Drum tone modulators. An additional 20 winners receive Moongel.