Drum Set

Drummer Of The Year

John Otto

  • Carter Beauford
  • David Silveria
  • Brad Wilk

Best Jazz Drummer Of The Year

Brian Blade

  • Peter Erskine
  • Billy Cobham
  • Jason Marsalis

Best Fusion Drummer Of The Year

Dennis Chambers

  • Billy Cobham
  • Dave Weckl
  • Steve Smith

Best Funk Drummer Of The Year

Chad Smith

  • Russell Batiste
  • Willie Green
  • Stanton Moore

Best Mainstream Rock Drummer

Carter Beauford

  • Jon Fishman
  • Kenny Aronoff
  • Chad Smith

Best Alternative Rock Drummer

Brad Wilk

  • John Otto
  • Chad Sexton
  • David Silveria

Best Punk Drummer Of The Year

Travis Barker

  • Adrian Young
  • Byron McMakin
  • Tre Cool

Best Metal Drummer Of The Year

Tommy Lee

  • Lars Ulrich
  • Vinnie Paul
  • Danney Carey

Best Country Drummer Of The Year

J.D. Blair

  • Mike Palmer
  • Joe Smyth
  • Greg Morrow

Best R&B Drummer Of The Year

Ahmir-Khalib Thompson

  • Willie Green
  • Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste
  • Stanton Moore

Best Studio Drummer Of The Year

Kenny Aronoff

  • Vinnie Colaiuta
  • Jim Keltner
  • John “J.R.” Robinson

Best Drum Clinician Of The Year

Akira Jimbo

  • Terry Bozzio
  • Walfredo Reyes Sr.
  • Trilok Gurtu


Percussionist Of The Year

Airto Moriera

  • Giovanni Hidalgo
  • Marc Quinones
  • Cyril Neville

Best Latin Percussionist Of The Year

Giovanni Hidalgo

  • Karl Perazzo
  • Tito Puente
  • Pete Escovedo

Best Jazz Percussionist Of The Year

Leon Parker

  • George Jinda
  • Alex Acuna
  • Giovanni Hidalgo

Best Rock Percussionist Of The Year

Marc Quinones

  • Richie “Gajate” Garcia
  • Raul Rekow
  • Danny Reyes

Best Fusion Percussionist Of The Year

Alex Acuna

  • George Jinda
  • Airto Moriera
  • Giovanni Hidalgo

Best Studio Percussionist Of The Year

Ray Cooper

  • Luis Conte
  • Richie “Gajate” Garcia
  • Bashiri Johnson

Best Percussion Ensemble Of The Year


  • Kodo
  • Blue Man Group
  • Nexus

Best Worldbeat Percussionist Of The Yr.

Babatunde Olatunji

  • Mamady Keita
  • Giovanni Hidalgo
  • Mickey Hart

Best Drum Circle Facilitator Of The Year

Arthur Hull

  • Paulo Mattioli
  • Jim Greiner
  • Kim Arkinson

Best Percussion Clinician Of The Year

Glen Velez

  • Layne Redmond
  • Walfredo Reyes Sr.
  • Trilok Gurtu


Most Innovative Drums Of The Year

DW Timeless Timber Drum Set

  • Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit
  • Pearl Masterworks Drum Set
  • Tama Artist Palette Snare Drums

Most Innovative Cymbals Of The Year

Zildjian Mastersound Hi-Hat Cymbals

  • Sabian Triple Hi-Hat Cymbals
  • Paiste Dimensions Cymbals
  • Sabian Richie Garcia Cascara Cymbals

Most Innovative Drumhead Of The Year

Bear Percussion Drum Heads

  • Remo PowerStroke 3
  • Evans Evans G2
  • Remo Fiberskyn

Most Innovative Sticks Of The Year

johnnyraBB Johnny Rabb Sticks

  • Vater Nightsticks
  • Ahead Drum Sticks
  • Zildjian Trilok Gurtu Artist Model Drum Sticks

Most Innovative Percussion Instrument

Mountain Rhythm Djembes Percussion

  • Remo Festival Drums
  • LP Udus
  • Meinl Luis Conte Timbales

Most Innovative Accessory Of The Year

Mapex Janus Pedal

  • Drum Workshop 5002AD DeltaII Accelerator Pedal
  • Puresound Puersound Snares
  • Rhythm Tech Rhythm Tech Laptop

Most Innovative Electronic Percussion Instrument Of The Year

Yamaha DTXpress System Electronic Drums

  • Roland V-Drums
  • Alesis DM Pro
  • DrumKAT Turbo


Best Drum Recording Of The Year

Issues Korn with David Silveria

  • Scenes From A Memory Dream Theater with Mike Portnoy
  • S&M Metallica with Lars Ulrich
  • Synergy Dave Weckl

Best Percussion Recording Of The Year

Supernatural Santana

  • Spirit Into Song Mickey Hart
  • Awakenings Leon Parker
  • Skin On Skin Mongo Santamaria

Best Drumming Video Of The Year

Making Music Carter Beauford

  • Live at The 1982 Montreal Jazz Festival Buddy Rich
  • A Work In Progress Neil Peart
  • Evolution Akira Jimbo

Best Percussion Video Of The Year

Anga Mania! Miguel “Anga” Diaz

  • History Of Songo Jose Luis “Changuito” Quintana
  • Rhythmic Wisdom Layne Redmond
  • Guide To Endrummingment Arthur Hull

Best Drumming Method Book Of The Year

World Of Flams Dan Tomlinson

  • Drumset Soloist Steve Houghton
  • The Commandments Of R&B Drumming Zoro
  • The Drum Perspective Peter Erskine

Best Percussion Method Book Of The Year

Conga Drumming Alan Dworski & Betsy Sansby

  • Have Fun Playing Hand Drums Ben James
  • African Percussion: The Djembe Serge Blanc
  • Mel Bay Presents Rumba Guaguanco Conversations Arturo Rodrigues

Best Drum & Percussion Website Of The Year

Yamaha yamahadrums.com

  • Zildjian zildjian.com
  • Tama tama.com
  • DRUM! Magazine drumlink.com