Aquarian: Modern & Deep Vintage

BY AJ DONAHUE We sometimes create internal ideals or standards that are simply unattainable in the real world. In this case, we imagine the perfect sound, and ... Read More

Tama’s Star Series Drums

BY BRAD SCHLUETER Last year the ever-innovative Tama drum company introduced a line of drums priced above their excellent and varied Starclassic series. While ... Read More
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How To Write Drum Charts

BY ANDREW LENTZ Necessity is the mother of invention” is a saying that Liz Ficalora – a Nashville-based session artist, producer, author, and drum instructor –... Read More

New Blood: Matt McGuire

BY WALDO THE SQUID Name Matt McGuire Age 20 Equipment Mapex Black Panther Velvetone drums, Black Panther Sledgehammer snare, Mapex Falcon hardware, Soultone ... Read More