For this past Father’s Day, Guitar Center released a new commercial featuring Max Weinberg of Bruce Springsteen And The E Street band and his son, Jay Weinberg of Slipknot, as part of the retailer’s “Find Your Sound” ad campaign. In the new Guitar Center video, Max comments on the generational and familial bonds within the Weinberg family around drumming: “It was great fun for me, as a father, to be loading up a van or a car and take him to his own recording session, because it was something my father did. And it was something that brought us even closer together, and has continued to this day.”

And in the 2017 video, Jay says of his father: “When you look at what he’s been able to accomplish and is still accomplishing, that’s a major source of inspiration for me.”

You may have seen the new Guitar Center spot, but have you also seen this video of an earlier instance of the Weinbergs playing together onstage, when they joined forces in 2010 for Guitar Center’s 21st Annual Drum-Off Finals for a performance of the Benny Goodman classic “Sing Sing Sing”?

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