Alesis has spruced up 2017’s Strike Pro electronic drum set with a larger bass drum and more responsive mesh heads, and Yamaha’s EAD-10 firmware upgrade makes it an even more powerful tool for educators and YouTube content creators.

Alesis Unveils Updated Strike Pro Special Edition 11-Piece E-Drum Kit

Alesis has released a new Strike Pro Special Edition 11-piece electronic drum kit with full-sized 20” kick (upgraded from 14”), latest-generation mesh heads and an updated Strike Pro Module with more instruments, kits and versatility than ever before.

Also new is the latest-generation, dual-zone mesh heads for the snare and all the toms. The company claims a faster response and more natural, and easier-playing with these heads. The Strike Pro Special Edition premium Hybrid Birch wood shell snare and toms come in in standard acoustic drum sizes (8”, 10”, 12”, 14”) with striking black hardware and gold tension rods.

The company revitalized its e-drum line with the release of the Strike Pro kit in 2017.

Strike Pro Special Edition: 11-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Kit


  • Latest-generation mesh heads for fastest, most natural response ever
  • Patented Enhanced Articulation System
  • Full-sized 20” kick drum
  • 14” dual-zone mesh snare w/hybrid wood shell
  • 8”-10”-12-14” dual-zone mesh toms w/hybrid wood shells
  • 16” Strike ride cymbal (3-zone) w/full rubber pad and hammer marks
  • (3) 14” Strike crash cymbals w/choke, w/full rubber pads and hammer marks
  • 14” Hi hat cymbals w/full rubber pads and hammer marks
  • Strike software editor for creating your own custom kits and instruments
  • Strike Performance Module with 4.3 color LED screen
  • Over 1,800 drum and percussion instruments and 136 Kits
  • 45,000 sample sounds included or load .wav files through included 16GB SD card
  • Premium 4-post steel rack

Yamaha Updates EAD-10 Firmware

Yamaha has launched a free V2 firmware update for the EAD10 electronic acoustic drum module, adding new creative functionality and customizable settings for drum recording, rehearsal and teaching applications.

yamaha ead-10New additions to the unit include:

  • Talkback function
  • Record for 90 minutes straight to a USB thumb drive
  • Rout click to main outputs and/or USB recording
  • 42 new preset scenes optimized for triggers in quieter setups
  • Adjust mic noise gate threshold and release time
  • Jack noise reduction decreases static noise from cables

The new TalkBack function is ideal for YouTube content creators and student-teacher settings. It raises the gain on the microphone while dropping out any of the effects, allowing users to talk directly through the EAD without having to lean in or add a microphone. Users can activate the TalkBack function by pressing the Sensor Unit button, hitting a pad, or pushing a footswitch.

yamaha ead-10 moduleIntroduced in 2017, the EAD10 was the first-ever stand-alone acoustic drum module system enabling drummers to easily capture the sounds of an acoustic drum set with a single microphone/trigger component attached to a powerful digital processor. Central to the EAD10 experience is the free Rec’n’Share iOS/Android app which allows players to create stunning audio and video and easily share it directly from a smart device.

Download the free firmware update at

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