AHEAD Products announces the launch of Frank Zummo’s Signature Drumsticks, which are 0.595″ wide and 16.63″ long, and feature nylon tips.

Zummo has been a proud member of the AHEAD Family since 2001, and had been using Tommy Lee’s Signature Drumsticks for years. The company wanted to create a model that is similar but also unique to Zummo’s growth as a drummer, as well as versatile for the many different styles that he plays.

In 2015, Zummo joined Sum 41 as the band’s new drummer and recorded their album 13 Voices, which was released in October 2016. He was worked with Mötley Crüe, Scott Weiland, Gary Numan, Thenewno2, Perry Ferrell, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise, Julien-K, and Krewella. He also founded Street Drum Corps in 2004.

The new FZ Drumstick is similar in length to the Tommy Lee Studio but uses a long taper cover and weighs 65 grams, which is 3 grams lighter than the Tommy Lee drumstick. Zummo says that because his new signature sticks are far less top heavy, he has noticed less overall fatigue and can play longer and faster with less effort.


Also new from AHEAD, the nylon-tipped MAXX 5A drumsticks, which will become available in May 2017, weigh 69 grams and are 0.540″ wide and 16.50″ long. The new model is designed to be a “longer and stronger 5A, with more power, reach, articulation and a longer life span.”

The company created both new models using its all-new Hyper-Form Engineered swaging process, which is designed to give its drumsticks longer life. Both models feature a high precision alloy core; polyurethane replaceable covers, tips, and rings; ergonomically tuned handles; and built-in Vibration Control System (VRS).

For further information, contact Big Bang Distribution at 800-547-6401, or visit www.bigbangdist.com or www.aheaddrumsticks.com.