DRUM! has learned that Yamaha Drums will announce today the signing of Jimmy Chamberlin to their artist roster. Renowned for his work with Smashing Pumpkins and the alternative band Zwan, and more recently his jazz fusion outfit Jimmy Chamberlin Complex and his collaboration with Chicago jazz saxophonist Frank Catalano, Chamberlin has been a major drumming influence for 25 years.

On his return to Yamaha Chamberlin has chosen to play Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple with Polar White finish, which blends his signature feel, sound and dynamics. He’s also picked out snares including the Yamaha 14″ x 6.5″ Recording Custom Aluminum and the 14″ x 6″ Absolute Hybrid Maple.

DRUM! spoke with Yamaha Drums Artist Relations Manager Greg Crane about welcoming Chamberlin back to Yamaha. “When Jimmy played the hybrid maple he said these were some of the best drums he ever played,” said Crane. “If you play a multi-tom setup, hybrid maple is perfect because of the separation you can get between each drum.”

Jazz Beginnings
Though known for his work on the Pumpkins early recordings, which feature the most furious toms since Keith Moon, Chamberlin’s recent work has shown he’s a lifelong student of drumming in many styles. He started playing at the age of nine, and rapidly progressed through lessons under Charles Adams, who would go on to play with Yanni. During his teen years, he went on to study Latin, Brazilian and big band techniques. Chamberlin cites jazz musicians Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, as well as rock drummers Keith Moon, Ian Paice and John Bonham as major influences, shaping the style he brings to Smashing Pumpkins.


Following 1991’s Gish, Smashing Pumpkins broke into the mainstream market in 1993 with their second album, Siamese Dream. Through extensive touring and their 1995 follow-up, the double album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, the group built a large, dedicated fan base and signature style that continues to reach the masses today.

“Yamaha Drums are the sound on my best-selling records and the accompaniment to my biggest and proudest musical moments,” notes Chamberlin. “The versatility of these drums continues to be unmatched by any other brand. These days, the scope of the music that I play is such that I need an instrument that can take me from a small jazz club to an arena to a festival, and Yamaha provides me with that flexibility. I couldn’t be happier to be back!”

Chamberlin will be joining Smashing Pumpkins on their upcoming Shiny And Oh So Bright tour in July 2018.

For more information on the Yamaha Artist roster, visit www.yamaha.com/artists/.