Today, the GeneHoglanOfficial YouTube page published Gene Hoglan’s drum playthrough of Death’s “The Philosopher,” which is from the band’s 1993 album, Individual Thought Patterns. The playthrough is excerpted from Hoglan’s 2017 DVD, The Atomic Clock: The Clock Strikes Two.

Hoglan’s newest DVD was recorded at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The DVD was edited by Leon Melas, and directed by Rob Shallcross and Leon Melas, with co-direction from Hoglan. All audio was produced, engineered, and mixed by Rob Shallcross, while Greg Reely provided mastering.

“I remember on the ‘adorable little riff tape’ that [late guitarist] Chuck [Schuldiner] sent me, this tune was pretty much ready to go,” Hoglan says of “The Philosopher.” “It didn’t require any transposing on my part to make it any heavier.”

“Now, this instance is possibly captured on the DVD, but as you may notice in the verses, I don’t catch the hi-hat conventionally with my foot; I use my hands to catch it. I wanted to have the kick land under the snare yet still have the choked hi-hat on the same beat, and at that time, that kick drum would have been my left, which would obviously be my hi-hat choking foot. So, my only alternative was to do a hi-hat choke manually with my left hand. And you know what? In the long run, it probably didn’t make a damn bit of difference. The hand chokes are not all that ‘chokey,’ and the kick under the whole shebang doesn’t really make it any more powerful.

“Hey, remember when I said that I’m up for challenges? Apparently that runs to the ‘self-inflicted’ as well.



“The neato thing about this version is that I didn’t even know that there was an extra two minutes of jam at the end until I’m getting filmed playing it! Apparently, we played it that long on the original, but I definitely don’t remember it.

“Again, there was no reviewing of anything before tracking the DVD, so on that filmed take, I’m actually surprised that this tune is not ending, like, two bars after where the album’s fade happens. Hence, me going way off the riff, ’cause with no click, there’s really nothing to follow except for Chuck’s random two-note progression. Ah, well, warts and all is how I likes to brings it to ya. And don’t forget, with zero prep either. Jeez, Hoglan, get it together next time, will ya?”

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