By Tiger Bill Meligari

In this concluding segment, we’re applying the exercises you learned in Part 1 to the drum set. If you haven’t studied the previous lesson yet, I suggest you do it now: Go to Tiger Bill Video Lesson: Fast Jazz Ride Triplet Fill-Ins — Part 1. You’ll find this lesson much easier to perform after you’ve worked on Part 1.

Video Lesson
Start at a slow tempo and gradually increase your speed each day while attempting to keep your arms, hands, wrists, and fingers as loose and relaxed as possible.

Once you’ve perfected these exercises exactly as written, get creative and try varying them as shown in my video example. By switching from the ride cymbal to various drums, you can modify these jazz ride grooves to build effective breaks, fills and even extended solos around the drum set.




Reverse Hands For Additional Practice
Once you can perform the written exercises cleanly and up to speed, try practicing them with the sticking reversed.

If you have questions, leave a comment for me below.

Until next time: Have fun and stay loose!