Simmons announces the release of its full-sized, five-piece SD550 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit ($549.99 street). The SD550 has tension-able mesh pads with variable attack response technology (V.A.R.).

The SD550 offers a realistic drum configuration, including a 10″ dual-zone, dual-ply snare; three 8″ dual-ply mesh tom pads; a 10″ crash cymbal with choke; a 12″ ride cymbal; and a 10″ hi-hat pad with pedal. The kick pad module includes a built-in pedal with a no-slip grip. It all mounts on a rugged steel rack with robust, custom T-fitting and extra-stable rubber feet.

V.A.R. offers intelligent sample playback, and pads will respond differently based on dynamics. In addition, it offers round-robin alternating samples on snare and ride cymbal.


With 64 MB of sample ROM, totaling 352 drum sounds in 50 kits, the 64-voice polyphonic SD550’s sound module delivers drum sounds for musical genres including jazz, pop, blues, and rock. It has 60 songs with 60 customized drum patterns that can serve as a practice aid, plus two demo songs. The SD550 sound further offers a sleek new design, easy navigation, and a 16-character, back-lit, blue LCD screen. It also has a detachable stick rest.

The sound module hosts eight trigger inputs on a multi-pin connector for clean cable management and connects to a computer via a USB/MIDI connection. A stereo 1/8″ TRS input connects audio from an MP3 player or other media player.

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