From Drum Magazine’s March 2018 Issue | Text, Music, And Video By Gil Sharone

In this lesson, I want to introduce a roots reggae variation for the drum set using the nyabinghi feel. Nyabinghi is the heartbeat and foundation of reggae drumming. Practice this two-bar groove between 70 and 150 bpm.

Play around with the tempo range and focus on the feel and consistency of the pattern. It’s all about feel.

You can create a variation in the movement by switching the sixteenth-notes on the hi-hat to eighth-notes.

Although he currently plays with Marilyn Manson and Stolen Babies, and has performed with Dillinger Escape Plan and Puscifer, Gil Sharone has had a lifelong love of Jamaican styles, reflected in his past work with Fishbone and Dave Wakeling, as well as on his DVD Wicked Beats, which covers Jamaican ska, rocksteady, and reggae drumming.