In honor of Mick Fleetwood’s 71st birthday, as well as the fact that Fleetwood Mac is going on tour soon later this year (sans guitarist Lindsey Buckingham), here are some of the iconic drummer’s moments of unabashed glee and distinctive style in these videos and drum solos.

Fleetwood Mac has more than 50 years under its belt as a band, and as Fleetwood himself has said, “God knows, if the drums aren’t right, then the song is not survivable.”

The above video is from a 2015 show in Minnesota, during its On With The Show Tour. Fleetwood’s drum solo starts around the 4:35 mark.

The “Percussion Vest” Solo

In this memorable solo from 1987, Fleetwood starts out on his kit, but then ends up using his body as a drum, most notably his vest, which he rigged with a multitude of percussion instruments.


“Oh Well”

Buckingham tells a story about how Fleetwood added the memorable cowbell break on the band’s first single, “Oh Well.”

“Mick did that real off the cuff,” he says, “and then when he tried to repeat it, he couldn’t do it! It took him a week of rehearsals to learn what he’d done in an instant.”

“The World Keeps On Turning”

Here he is with the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, performing live at the Belly Up Tavern in 2014.

“Go Your Own Way”

Fleetwood’s tom counterpart to Buckingham’s guitar rhythm in “Go Your Own Way” is as iconic as any riff. It’s waiting for you, after a long buildup, in this video from 1997’s The Dance tour. Share your own favorite Fleetwood moments or videos in the comments below!