Photo courtesy of anikanilles.com

Anika Nilles has released the official video for the title track of her new album, Pikalar. Nilles wrote the song “Pikalar,” which features Joachim Schneiss on guitars; Frank Itt on bass; Martin Verdonk on percussion; and Nilles on keyboards as well as drum set.

Joachim Schneiss produced the album, while Adam Haranghy produced this video.

In the video, Nilles is seen playing a Tama Star Bubinga set that includes 12″ and 10″ mounted toms, a 16″ floor tom, 20″ bass drum, 14″ x 6″ stainless steel Starphonic snare, and 13″ x 7″ black steel Starphonic snare.

Her Meinl Cymbals comprise a 15″ Byzance Dual Hi-Hat, 20″ Byzance Extra Dry Crash, 10″ Byzance Extra Dry Splash, 24″ R&D Byzance Extra Dry Medium Ride, 20″ Byzance Hammered Crash, 18″ AN Signature Deep Hat, and 18″ Hi-Hat Stack comprising a Hammered Crash on top and Extra Dry Thin Crash on bottom.

Evans drumheads include EC2 Tom Batter Heads, an HD Extra Dry Snare Batter, Onyx Snare Batter, and EMAD Onyx Bass Drum Batter Head.

Nilles’ drum set was captured by a lineup of Beyerdynamic microphones:

D71c, D70d (bass drum)


M201 (snare 1 and snare 2 tops)

D350 (toms)

M840 (overhead)

M160 (main hi-hat)

M930 (ride cymbal)

M930 (second hi-hat)

TG50d (room mike)

For more information and to order copies of Pikalar, visit www.anikanilles.com.

Watch Nilles’ video about the production of Pikalar: